Create a Five Star Experience

The following are suggested products we like after a number of years as Airbnb Superhosts. No hassle, time-saving links to our favorites. Remember that the goal is to advertise your space, attract guests and get GREAT reviews to attract more guests. We believe starting out with a well-equipped, clean, secure space will make your place stand out.


Guests love our well-appointed bathroom! We want guests to have everything they need. Look at our list of favorite products below.


Guests spend more time in the bedroom than in any other room. The mattress should be TOP quality. Use lots of white to show cleanliness. These products are our favorites.


Our guest reviews always mention our well-appointed kitchen. Our favorite products ensure we have everything our guests could want. Don’t be cheap. Guests will appreciate these favorites.

Other (Cleaning supplies/Security/Outside)

Sorry, this is our catchall section. We are always finding new ways to improve our guest experience. That is at the heart of being the best Airbnb host!