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Airbnb income for retirement
Turn empty rooms into retirement income

Learned about Airbnb income for retirement on a family road trip

A family road trip becomes the catalyst for re-focusing a career around maximizing Airbnb income for retirement. We had no idea that a summer drive from the southernmost part of California to the northernmost part of California would change EVERYTHING.

First Airbnb Overnight

It started with a family vote to stay in Airbnbs to meet locals. Our lodging decision was our first exposure to Airbnb, hosts, and the sharing economy. Who would have thought such a mundane decision would lead later to a business career shift from traditional accounting to assisting hosts in increasing their Airbnb income for retirement.

Becoming an empty nester changes everything

The boys went to schools far away following our summer road trip, and we became empty-nesters. Soon our empty nest was too quiet and too dull. Then, one night, it hit us. Why not meet interesting people by hosting them in our empty rooms? In addition, we could apply Airbnb income to our retirement savings.

Earn income from opening your home

Before long, people ask us, “How is Airbnb going?” We have met wonderful and interesting people from all over the world. We have never regretted the decision to host. After 1000 plus guests, little did we know it would become our new business model.

You are never too old to shift your career path

We further honed our skills as we added more business knowledge and accounting principles to Airbnb hosting, and we prospered!  To give back to “rentrepreneurs,” we started an Airbnb Facebook group for hosting advice including how to fund retirement with Airbnb income. The next phase had begun.

Good hospitality is a combination of skills

After 35 years of accounting for small to mid-size firms, we now focus exclusively on Airbnb host rentrepreneurs, In fact, by combining our proven hosting strengths, real estate knowledge, family-owned business accounting, and financial planning, we now help Airbnb hosts optimize their Airbnb investments to fund their retirement strategies. 

Before long, even Airbnb recognized our host service by making us Airbnb Superhosts, Airbnb Organic Ambassadors, Airbnb Superhost Ambassadors, Airbnb Community Leaders, and Airbnb co-hosts. #airbnblove

Finding rewards we never imagined

Finally, our traveling guests enrich our lives by sharing their experiences with us! Our lives are never dull. These travelers bring fresh perspectives, and Airbnb hosting is our chance to be welcome ambassadors.

Another value is that our Airbnb earnings contribute to our monthly mortgage and retirement plans! 

In conclusion, all these seemingly random events contribute to our new focus of coaching hosts in transforming their Airbnb income properties into retirement prosperity!

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Showing how Airbnb income can become retirement income